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Bonjour !

Welcome to Julie & Romeo wedding

Destination wedding agency specializing in Burgundy, France.

Mélodie turns destination wedding planning to a fun and creative process that becomes a celebration of its own.

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A dedicate wedding planner

Based in Burgundy, Mélodie is known for her sophisticated and refined style.

She will help you define your dream wedding and guide you through all the steps of making your wedding celebration a beautiful expression of your unique relationship.

A bespoke wedding

Julie & Romeo wedding accepts a limited number of wedding each year to a greater attention to detail. 

Mélodie helps you understand the French "Art de vivre" style to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Planning & design

Mélodie create unique designs for luxury wedding, telling your story through artful detail.

She brings a "je ne sais quoi", a French touch to your wedding which refer to timeless elegance and beauty of love.

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Experience your wedding in Burgundy

Burgundy or Bourgogne in French is blessed for its natural heritage : Forested fields, rolling green hills, glistening lakes and of course vast vineyards. From Auxerre and Chablis to côte de Beaune, the mosaic of Burgundy UNESCO registered vineyard is renowned throughout the world.

More than everywhere in France, wines are coming together with food. Gastronomy is an art form that is perfectly expressed in here.

Burgundy offers some of the most gorgeous countryside of France with a wealth of authentic venues such as exquisite chateaux, historical sites, charming mansion and sweet wineries.

Burgundy is your perfect wedding destination if you are looking for great outdoors, finest cuisine and authenticity.

Destination wedding planner based in Burgundy.

Julie & Romeo wedding will help you plan your wedding or elopement in Burgundy.

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